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Gas Range losing power every 5 seconds

(Topic created: 05-07-2024 08:12 PM)
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Our gas range is from June 2022 so pretty new. Last September (so just 3 months out of warranty) we noticed that sometimes the whole unit would lose power when we turned one of the burners on. Pretty much like someone unplugged it. It would then regain power and reset time etc. It probably did that once every couple of weeks but it didn't really bother us much. Then after a few months it started to do it more frequently. When the oven was on, it would stay on no problem, but as soon as one of the burners would get turned on it would shut it off and the oven would turn off and I would have to restart it.

About a month ago the whole range started shutting on and off every 5 seconds. I can't even get to any settings cuz by the time I get there, it shuts off and resets to main screen. The burners work to turn on but can't use the oven at all. In fact we turned the breaker off to make sure nothing bad happens like a fire.

Today the local Samsung appliance technician came in and changed the board behind the knobs and screen (at the front of the stove). Thats what they thought would fix it but it's still doing it and of course that cost a lot to fix... so now what. Anyone have this happen and what worked for you?

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