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NX58H5 series oven knobs stuck

(Topic created: 07-07-2022 12:33 AM)
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One of the oven knobs on our stove won’t work. It’s locked in place in the off position. I’ve tried replacing the knob with the knob from another burner, and it still doesn’t work. 

Is there some inadvertent lock that’s preventing the knob from turning? Thanks!

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Hi there! Thanks so much for asking about this. Based on what you've described, we would recommend having a service technician take a look at your oven to determine why the knob will not turn. There’s a couple options here we can take based on your warranty status. 
If you’re in the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, please gather together the full model and serial number of your unit, and have ready your name, street address, 2 phone numbers (Best contact, alternative number), email, and place of purchase. Provide this information to an agent, in one of the following options below:
1.) Reach out to a Moderator directly, by selecting our name and the message option. When messaging please use a link to this thread in addition to the info above.
2.) Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Please provide the same info as above, as well as the link to your thread.
3.) You can also contact 1-800-726-7864, if you’d like to speak with a live agent about this situation.
4.) Last, if you wish to speak with a live agent and don’t want to call in, you can reach out to our Live Chat team. 
If you’re out of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty: 
1. You can utilize this link to locate an authorized service center in your area to obtain estimates for repairs: http://www.Samsung.com/us/support/service/location or reach out to any local repair shop.
2. The other option, would be a replacement of the unit. Samsung.com offers amazing deals on different models that may be to your liking, check out those deals here: https://www.samsung.com/us/ranges/