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No Wi-Fi on range hood

(Topic created: 08-30-2022 03:01 PM)
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I purchased. Very expensive rebate hood because it is promoted as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. So the Bluetooth option only work when connected to a Bluetooth compatible range. In this case I am out of luck because my expensive range does not support the function. I really wonder why. 
soni try to connect it to Wi-Fi. That doesn’t work either. Samsung telling me yes it does connect and I need to contact SmartThings. So I did email their support and they confirmed it does not connect to Wi-Fi as there is no way to add it to the app. So is this a misleading selling information or I am just doing something wrong? This is my range hood  30” Wall Mount Hood in Black Stainless steel, item NK30K7000WG/A2


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You might want to consider returning it. If it doesn't connect to WiFi or Bluetooth and that's one of the reasons you bought it on the first place is return it before the return window closes.

Because you can't add it if it's not a "Bluetooth Compatible Range".