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Property damage from delivery team

(Topic created: 02-07-2023 01:44 AM)
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I bought a Samsung Induction Slide-in Range with delivery to my home address, installation, and haul away of old appliance. This was directly from the Samsung website.

I went through three ranges before settling for a physically damaged, but seemingly functional one. In the last delivery, the delivery team dragged the appliance and damaged my hardwood floors. Calls to Samsung customer care are responded with deflecting to the delivery company RXO. Communications to RXO per Samsung's instructions have been met with silence.

Is Samsung going to take responsibility for their "expert" installation service?

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Appliance companies, and other businesses, subcontract delivery and other services with local entities. This is not unusual. In doing so, they limit their liability for services provided, or damages caused, by these local companies. I'm sure, somewhere in your purchase agreement you waived your rights to hold Samsung responsible for damages caused by the third party delivery company.

It would be best to focus your efforts with the third party delivery company. The most that Samsung can do for you at this point is to threaten the third party company with a cancelation of their contact for deliveries.

You may have to sue in small claims court.

I'm sorry to hear of your property damage.