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Unhappy with family hub and smart things

(Topic created: 12-29-2022 07:34 PM)
Kitchen and Family Hub

Dear all I had bought a from Samsung a family hub where a new update gets down with the performance and the smart fictionality. The traceability of products dates that are in the fridge gets worst .. and finally I can not get it connected to smart things .... its a night mare.
On the Family hub fridge I can not connect it to smart Things ... I got to the point where it was finished and on the fridge it says failed on the mobile it says ok .... but the app is frozen and the ok button can not be pushed ... SUPER
I have also a bought Samsung washer and a dryer, on the dryer we had a very bad experience on the service !!!!!
From my experience Samsung has no focus on customer (for e.g. Service) and digitalization.
I also don't like the smart thing app its not a good easy human interface.
From my current experience I would not relay further on digital products or solutions from Samsung.
My previous decision was a mistake, proven by Samsung!!!!!
I even don't thing that Samsung will take this concern seriously.
If someone has a possible help for the connection of the family hub fridge it will be welcome.
Thanks Wolfgang 








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Kitchen and Family Hub

AFAIK, there is no need to setup the fridge (using easy connection).

Please delete the familyhub device from your mobile smartthings app.

Factory reset the fridge and signin using your Samsung account (which is the same account as the one used for the mobile SmartThings app and you should see the device.

One issue I have seen is, maybe, the device does not appear in any "room" 

In this case, in the mobile app you will need to devices not assigned to any room section under the devices and move the device to your room.

Hope this helps.