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28" Oddysey G70B 4K Monitor Issues

(Topic created: 05-02-2023 02:38 PM)
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Hi, In my case too,  28 Oddisey G70B Monitor with 2 days new, the Wake from Sleep over DisplayPort with RTX 3090TI the system locks completly, the only way to back to work is turn off then turn on the PC again, this is a fault of Monitor just happens with this Monitor and when it going to sleep (only monitor).

Another thing, the remote control stop working for example moving in the Menus, the fix? turn off the Monitor (with the power button in the remote control, its the only one working) then turn on again, this happens randomly.

The VRR Control has issues too.

Firmware: 1444.0

Samsung you need to work very hard with your software... Many issues for a Monitor with this Price. 

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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I can see how this can be frustrating with your monitor having these issues. I would recommend making sure that your GPU drivers are up to date, and see if this still occurs while using HDMI. If it does I would recommend taking the monitor back for an exchange since you did recently purchase this. As for the remote, it would be hard to say for sure the exact issue with it but since you are having issues with your monitor this could be tied to that.  


If you would not like to go through the exchange process you can also call in direclty at 1 (800) 726-7864 and get furthur support on getting you monitor serviced