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Can't update Samsung Odyssey G9 Firmware

(Topic created: 04-05-2021 02:42 AM)
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I've tried following the instructions provided to update the monitor hardware, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 


Monitor Model: LC49G95TSSNXZA

Current Software Version: M-T9549GGAA-1005.4


I downloaded the latest firmware and unzipped it. There's one file, named: M-T9549GGAA-1008.1[205C].img


I tried two different USB Flash Drives, one 2GB and one 32GB. I did a fresh format on both to ensure they were formatted to FAT32.


I copied the file to the USB flash drive and plugged it into the SERVICE USB port on the monitor.


I went to Support >> Software Update - I get the following message: No update files found on your USB device. (File Name: M-T9549GGAA-****.*)


I tried plugging into the other USB port on the monitor and it gives this message: No USB devices detected. Please check and try again. 


So I'm pretty sure I had it plugged into the SERVICE USB port to start with, it's just not recognizing the update file.


I tried renaming the file and trying again. I tried all of the following filenames:

  - M-T9549GGAA-1008.1[205C].bin (per PDF instructions)

  - M-T9549GGAA-1008.img

  - M-T9549GGAA-1008.bin


Same message (no update files found) every time. 


What the heck?!? It can't be this hard to update the firmware on this monitor!

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Very important thing to remember on this.  Fat32 AND MBR must be used on the drive.  8gb or less in size.  Likely those having issues are fat32, but GPT for the boot sector.  You'll have to convert it to the older MBR style to make it work.

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Its all non logical problems with usb sticks. used 1Gb and onother 16Gb. Formated with windows both to FAT32. Didnt worked. Then formated 16gb stick with Rufus, selected non bootable, mbr, fat32.  Then deleted autorun files from stick and added update file. And voila...update started. Hope will help 

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Samsung Moderator
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