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Firmware for Odyssey G7 S28AG700NU

(Topic created: 01-28-2022 06:11 PM)
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I recently purchased the 4K 28” Odyssey G7 and I read online that I should update the firmware.

The monitor is nowhere to be found on Samsung’s website, for my region, the US.

I found the monitor on the /UK version of the website and looked at the firmware update available. 

My monitor shows a firmware version of 1005.2 while the firmware on the website for download is 1004.0.

My question is, is the 1005.2 on my stock monitor newer and is it safe to download the 1004.0 since it’s from a UK website? 

I just want to make sure to stay updated but the monitor is not even showing up on the US region Samsung website.

It also makes me nervous to install a previous version onto my monitor if I have a newer one already. 

I am trying to prepare for the Xbox Series X that I purchased so any help on this matter would be great! 

Thank you, I love the monitor so awesome! 

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Good afternoon. I am glad to hear you like the monitor. To answer your questions, never install software from a different country on your monitor. Bad things happen. Even if the website shows an older sw version than your device has, do not attempt to roll it back. Those bad things again. Your version of the G7 is the newest release, and your software is the newest as well. Even the US site at https://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/?model=N0055028 still shows 1004.0, and the updates sometimes take a bit to catch up.