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Samsung g7 hdr issues

(Topic created: 04-04-2022 01:08 PM)
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This monitor has a serious HDR issue. That's driving me insane. Samsung can you please sort this. I've now tried every setting possible in my Nvidia setting, PC setting, The monitor setting, only thing that works is trying two old monitors one is my old MSI for gaming. I'm at the point of sending this monitor back. Just will not game without losing connection going black and then displaying port1 hdr. Yes I've done the latest firmware update, no help at all. It's an utter joke if you try Adaptive-sync. Just constantly crashes and cuts the game off. How can every other monitor I have work fine and this monitor crash the whole game on Farcry 6. On destiny 2 it crashes the whole pc?. Plug in any other monitor and the games run absolutely fine. So many people complaining of this and no solution 

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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

I can definitely understand how frustrating this may be. Have you attempted using a different cable for this? If this does not help I recommend letting a service technician have a look. As we would like to gather additional information and look at this from a case by case basis please provide the full model code and the serial number of the device as well as your best contact phone number, name, and email.  
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