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The server is under maintenance. Please try again later. (2014509-1) on Samsung smart monitor m5

(Topic created: 07-31-2021 04:28 PM)
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I buy Samsung smart monitor m5 from amazon US, and I use this monitor in japan, is this a regional issue? Can I still use this monitor's smart services and features? Please help

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Hello @userF9p6DTFcVR 


This is completely normal. To best describe what's happening, I'm going to use Sony's gaming division Play Station and Comcast as examples at the end lol... The error message you're seeing, is explaining exactly what's going on "Server Maintenance", usually when you see this, the company is either doing updates to the server or repairing an issue that has caused the server to go down. Online gamers, Cable/ISP (Internet Service Provider) customers and etc., experience this all the time, this process (depending on what's happening to the server), can last a few minutes to several hours and there's been extreme cases of servers being down for days, but don't worry, this is absolutely normal lol just ask Play Station owners about the PSN being down or Comcast customers about their "scheduled outages" lol.



Just realized you said you bought a US product and you are using it in a different country... My original comment above, may still stand UNLESS this issue you're having, has been an ongoing permanent matter. If the latter is true and it's been giving off this error permanently, check to see if the region you're currently at, reflects on your Samsung account. I say this because you didn't go into any other details other than you're in Japan and you're using a US product. I don't know if you've lived in the US before and your Samsung account was established in the US beforehand, but if you moved to Japan after your Samsung account was already created, then the region that's set to your Samsung account could be causing the conflict.


I don't fully know your situation but if any of what I've said in this edit is remotely close to your situation, I would go to https://samsung.com, log into my account, check my settings, update any information on there regarding my location, disconnect my Smart Monitor from my Samsung account and reconnect it to apply those new account changes so there won't be any conflicts with my Samsung account and the server I'm constantly being connected to. If all else fails and your router has built-in VPN settings, I'd fool around with that to trick your M5 into thinking you're in the US lol.


Hopefully this helps!