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Warranty Nightmares Infinite Looping On Level 1 Support - Samsung Neo G9

(Topic created: 01-11-2023 09:31 AM)
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I can not state how disappointed I am with my time with Samsung Warranty/Support on a product that cost me $1500.

For a multi-billion company I certainly hope they had better support then what I encountered so far. 

I purchased a Samsung Neo G9 on June 17, 2022 from Samsung main website after seeing quite a few positive reviews from Tech Media Outlets. 

Issue 1:

When I went to registered the monitor, I was told my warranty was only valid up to September 16, 2022. Which is illegal I believe in the states to offer only a 3 months warranty. I disputed the warranty duration so now it is showing the right dates however, when I contact support for my other issue, they are still claiming the warranty expired. 

Issue 2:

Since I been using the monitor, I noticed there are times where random static noise and flickering of the screen happens. This is super frustrating. I tried to live with it for a while but decided to contact support. I was given the run around and told that due to the bulk of the item they will need to send someone out to service. Which is weird already as it is since its being treated like an appliance I guess. I waited a while and no one contacted me to schedule the service. Life got busy and I had to focus more on work and taking care of my 2 year old, it took a backseat of my mind hoping they will reach out eventually only to get an email in December 2 saying due to my inactions, they are closing the ticket. I am confused on why this happen. I tried all the trouble shooting tips Samsung provided since as swapping cables even buying a UPS to plug it into. Today just finally broke the straw as this issue keeps popping up randomly occurs and I am sick of it. When I clicked on my support ticket I am told that there wasn't anyone able to service me in the first place. I had to go through the level 1 support loop again. I was told someone will reach out and schedule the service within two days. So I am in support and praying that someone will call me. Come to my house, look at the monitor and hope that when the technician is here during the appointment that the random flickering/noise artifact happens. I was able to capture it on my phone but the video quality was pretty bad except for one where the artifact was really apparent. 

Samsung Issue.jpg

Samsung Neo G9 Service not in area.png


Link to similar issue as I have been having. People in the thread stated its when its waking from sleep. But I have had it occur on random interval as I am using it. I have the latest firmware for it.



At this point I am at the mercy of this warranty, I just want my money back at this point. I don't even know my options are besides putting this out there on every social media site that I can and warn everyone who even wants to touch a Samsung product to be very mindful and pray that you do not receive any defective product or else you will be stuck in warranty and out of your hard earned money. 



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Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I can see how this may be frustrating with your monitor having these issues. If this is occurring on all sources. I would recommend trying a different HDMI/DP cable if possible.


After that, I would recommend updating both the monitor and your GPU's drivers. Also if you have not done so already make sure to set the refresh rate to the max the monitor can go in your GPU's dashboard. If you have overclocked your panel it will cause issues as the monitor can not go over the recommended refresh rate. 


If this does not help the last step would be service. So that I may look into this for you please send us a PM with your full model and serial number and the following information. 


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First and Last Name:
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Email address: 
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