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2nd Attempt - QN65Q7CAM - Deleting APPS and Returning APPS / SAMSUNG where are you?

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QLED and The Frame TVs

This is my SECOND attempt to get SAMSUNG to answer this - or at least CHIME IN!

I have the above TV - about 3 years now (in July) - and I have 2 apps - I keep deleting and they keep coming back (SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE).  I never use these - I delete them, and the next time I power ON the TV - there they are again, starring me in the face.  I must have deleted then 100 times each - WHAT GIVES?  

There are APPS on here that I never - ever use.  NETFLIX, PANDORA, PBS KIDS, etc.  I am not able to delete...even when using instructions I have found for enabling DEVELOPER MODE.  They simply will not come OFF.  How do I get rid of them?   They are eating SPACE on the TV - and I want the space back - seeing how there is NO WAY to add space/RAM/Memory to this TV.  


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Cosmic Ray
QLED and The Frame TVs
Those are preloaded system files and do not take up any space on user available storage. You do not have access to system files, best you can do is uninstall any updates for them, those updates are on user memory and uninstalling the updates my free up a little room.
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Samsung Moderator
QLED and The Frame TVs

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