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Optic audio control

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QLED and The Frame TVs


I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a possible workaround when it comes to the audio control of optical output. I have a 55'' QN95A, connected via a DAC (to rca) to an old NAD 7020e amplifier (with no support for remote control), and the audio is amazing, but it's tedious to have to walk to the amplifier every time I want to change the volume. Up until recently I thought it was impossible controlling the digital/optical audio output volume from the tv, but realised that it is possible to control the volume from the phone when casting apps on the tv, for example netflix, therefor it could theoretically be possible to use the Samsung smart remote in the same way. I know I can order a new DAC that supports remote control, or install a reciever into my amplifier, but I'd much rather get my existing setup working if possible.



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Cosmic Ray
QLED and The Frame TVs

As far as I'm aware, Samsung TVs only output a fixed volume level via the optical out. The only way to fully  control the volume remotely is to purchase a compatible soundbar or receiver that will respond when the volume buttons on your TV's remote are pressed. As for casting, it's likely that the connected device is adjusting the volume being sent to the TV, and that the volume of the TV itself remains unchanged.