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Samsung QN85Q72A Clouding

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So posting this in regards to a decision that has been made on my Samsung QN85Q72A. I have a ticket #5131477233. This TV was purchased September 17/2022 and after 4 months of use started to show clouding. After several attempts with the support team, trying to isolate the issue, the support team sent out a tech to address the issue of clouding. 

 After several calls with the local tech he decided the best course of action was to replace the screen. On March 8th 2023, the tech had requested the TV moved to a second floor location in order to provide the service to replace the screen, as the TVs normal location is in a theater room located in the basement.
The local tech provided the screen swap service plugged in the TV to ensure that it worked. I explain to the tech multiple times that when there’s ambient light source present, the clouding is hard to see but once in a darker environment, the clouding is very pronounced.
The local tech wanted nothing to do with moving the TV to another location and had mentioned if there was any other issues to contact him. On that same day, the TV was moved back to its normal location plugged in and the issues were not resolved.
I again contacted Samsung the following day March 9 to advise them that the issue was not resolved. I received a call on Friday March 10th @ 1218 from Steve (tech) asking about the tv and why the issues weren’t resolved. 
I explain to the tech again the same issue continues and he would need to see it in action. The tech said he would submit his report to Samsung saying that the issue wasn’t resolved.
I again called Monday March 13th to the support department and they had me AGAIN run through the steps to address the clouding on the tv. At this point I’ve been fairly patient with the process but it now got escalated to the customer service team. 
I was told I would receive a decision after they spoke to the tech and again I called on March 15 to see if there was an update.
Today I received from the customer relations department that they would no longer accommodate any more service request on this TV.
This is completely unacceptable. The TV is not even six months old and has been found faulty, the technician failed to do any follow up on the TV, other than swapping out the screen. This issue still is there and is not watchable or enjoyable. I have attempted to reach out to the tech, but I have not received any contact.
All I’m asking Samsung to do is stand behind their product is TV is not even six months old and is still under warranty. Everyone seems to recognize that there’s a problem with the product, but no longer wants to address the issue after one attempt. 
I’m beyond upset after years of supporting Samsung with their products over the last 25 years that this is how they treat their customers. The Customer Relations dept refused to take any further step despite multiple pleas. 
I kindly ask Samsung to address the issue before this results in escalation of the claim, I’ve attach the pictures from before and after the tech service.
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Gosh, that does sound super frustrating! I tried to look up your ticket number to get to your account to assist, and it seems that we don't have anything over here. I believe you're located outside of the US. Based on that, you would need to reach out to Samsung in your country to get further assistance.  You can use the following link to get the support you need: https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/contact/