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The Frame should be renamed The Shame

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QLED and The Frame TVs


I purchased a brand new Frame 75 inch TV from Harvey Norman on Saturday 1st October. It worked great for 2 days then decided to switch itself off and never come back on again. The Samsung Australia support team are located in the Philippines. They are really hit and miss in that you get one that is really helpful or one that doesn't know what to do. The last person told me three times on the one call that if it's found that the problem was caused by me that I would be responsible for the repair cost. Each time I told them that it's brand new! Very frustrating. It's currently the 10th October and I still don't have a date as to when it will be repaired/replaced. The only compensation I was offered by the support person was a 15% discount on my next purchase! I find that pretty ridiculous and offensive. For a $3,500 TV I expected a lot more not just from the performance of the product but also the service from Samsung. I'm really disappointed as you can probably appreciate. The worst thing is that I had to get rid of my other TV in order to have this mounted in it's place. So no TV and no news as to when it will be repaired/replaced.

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QLED and The Frame TVs
Why are you posting in the US forum ? Would be better off posting in a forum dedicated to your area

FWIW ... we have two FrameTVs that work flawlessly that are 3+ years old