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DeX mode support

(Topic created: 03-18-2022 05:29 AM)
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My wife was thinking of moving away from apple phones, in a strange alternate reality I somehow got placed in this week, when she saw DeX mode for galaxy phones and the flip Z3 phone. Do any of the Galaxy Z Flip phones support DeX mode? When I plug my phone into a monitor or wireless connect to it I can use DeX to make my S22 work like a desktop. 
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"There’s more RAM on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which means you can run more apps and if you play a lot of games, the immersive experience that you get on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be hard to match by the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 also has support for Samsung Dex so if you want to use your phone as a portable computer by connecting it to an external display, you can’t do that with the Galaxy Z Flip 3."

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@nupley The Flip models do not support Dex. 

The Fold models include Dex support.