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Samsung Flex washer fabric softener dispenser leaking

(Topic created: 07-14-2022 08:01 PM)
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I am unable to use my top washer. The error code LC1/LC1 comes on after about 10-15 min into the cycle, only when using the top washer, and my floors get drenched in pools of water flowing from the bottom of the washer.


Customer support is useless, and I've already attempted all of the steps suggested to me via phone support. 

A tech came already out and ran a program without detergent and laundry softener and miraculously there was no overflow.

The next day we experienced the code LC1/LC1 again. And we didn't even use fabric softener.


This is a known issue, with MANY people on this community page making the exact same complaint about this machine. I am not paying for a repair on a 2 year old machine with a clear manufacturer defect, and would appreciate some answers.


Model WV60M9900AV/A5




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This is a manufactured design problem. The softener dispenser tube is too small and easily clogs. I used an air pressure blow gun to clear the clog. It actually took several times to clear the clog. I don't use the softener anymore. I think that the downy concentrated softener that caused the problem because of the bad engineering design.
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Hello All,

Samsung has come out with a superseded part for the top washer on the flex washing machine's rinse assembly. I have found that the foam seal they used was sticking to rinse assembly causing it to over fill since it could not drain to the drum. the new rinse assembly has a plastic seal with notches to prevent it from sticking. I ran multiple cycles and have confirmed the fix. the part number is DC97-20128A. some good videos on youtube https://youtu.be/AGfgRYOHE44 and this one helped the most since you really only need to lift up the flex washer to remove the rinse assembly https://youtu.be/KfaFLjTxvo8 ... the pics below show the plastic upgraded seal. hope this helps solve your problems too