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Galaxy a52: Service center requires screen repair to repair battery issue

(Topic created: 08-25-2022 08:56 AM)
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Today I've brought my A52s to a repair store that my provider recommended, I believe they want to scam me since it's still under warranty.

Issue is, battery is completely dead and won't  charge at all. 

They say there is chance to damage the screen since it has a small crack on the top left corner, but it works perfectly, I assure you. If they manage to break, which is most likely to do so since that certain repair shop has bad reputation, many devices they managed to damage even more than the initial damage. And yes I know because I work in an electronics service shop, consumers bring up various products but we have to redirect to "VideoData", official repair shop. Not trustworthy at all. 

So I am told that there is little to no chance  not to damage the display even more and that means they won't accept warranty for that. (real small crack on the top left corner) so I would have to pay for the display replacement instead, even though the damage wouldn't be done by me but their technicians or the process of disassembling the device. 

I need help, should I try a different shop, but that might violate the warranty.



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Hello, We certainly understand the frustrations of a phone that will not charge or power on. Unfortunately, if repairs are required, the cracked screen would also need to be repaired to ensure the phone would meet quality standards once completed. You can find more information about this listed under "What is not covered?" in the Warranty. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/legal/mobile/#standard-limited-warranty