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Samsung Galaxy A03s mobile must have a bug?

(Topic created: 08-17-2022 07:36 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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My phone lately is been reset or restarting on it's own a lot lately for no reason. Also, my apps they get deleted, or they stay grey it out that cannot use them.

This problem happens after charging it to USB charger, or using it at the car after using it as GPS, and when not connected to charger just using it normal. It still has same problems. 

Any suggestions of how to fix this problem for Samsung Galaxy A03s mobile phone device and it is still brand new too.
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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello, I understand your concerns with your phone restarting and I would be happy to assist you with this matter. Third party apps can cause random or constant reboots to happen on your phone.


You can perform a software update, factory reset or turn on safe mode to determine if an app is the caused: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01001475/.


You can also try wiping your device's cache partition. Performing a wipe cache partition removes any temporary files that may be causing an issue with the device. All personnel files and settings are not affected by this option. 

1. Ensure the device is powered off. 

2. Press and hold the volume up button and the home button

3. While continuing to hold the home and volume up buttons, press and hold the power button until "Recovering Booting" appears in the upper left then release all buttons

4. Select the wipe cache partition 

5. Select reboot system now 


If you are still encountering any issues, please visit a Samsung walk-in service center or you can schedule a repair service online.