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Can I use GN246HL In Book Pro NP950XDB for Google Transcribe?

(Topic created: 08-30-2022 03:41 PM)

I would like to transcribe video/audio file to text file by using Google Doc which needs an audio virtual cable driver to feed the sound to Google Doc, instead of using the physical microphone. I found there is a website that provides this service but it requires to install a software and connected to their web for this free service. For security reason, I hesitate to do so. Then I found in my Book Pro NP950XDB, there is a "device"(?)  GN246HL listed in the volume device along with Speaker, Headphone, etc. in the Taskbar. I am wondering if this is the one I can use. Basically I would like to know if this GN246HL can be used to take my audio file and feed Google Doc to transcribe the voice to a text file.  I would also like to know if my Book Pro NP950XDB already has a feature available to provide this function I am looking for. Thanks!  -- 2022-08-30


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The GN246HL is an Acer 24" 3D Monitor with an audio jack. I don't see how this will be the solution you're seeking since it's require a microphone.

Basically from what I've read if you really want to do this thing then using the FREE website has a trade-off. You get what you need, they get you to install and use their software. The latter also includes this security risk you speak of.

So if you really want to achieve your goal you're going to have to make a concession one way or another.

Choose wisely.