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SSD T5 Password Issues

(Topic created: 04-30-2024 10:26 AM)

I have a Samsung SSD T5 that I’ve been using for years as a back up/mirror drive from my PC. Out of nowhere it is asking me for a password. I have a list of passwords that I have used for many years and none of them work. I contacted Samsung and they have advised I need to do a factory reset which will delete all the content on the drive. I have googled the issue and even took it to local data recovery store and they said they can’t do it either. When I go into magician, I can still see that the drive contains the data. I find it very difficult to believe that there is no way possible to break this password encryption. I am sure, that if I was a bad guy in law-enforcement, took my drive, they would be able to obtain the data without my password. Appreciate any suggestions question. 

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Epic Samsung Care Ambassador
Sorry to say this, but if it doesn't give you the forgot password option, you would need to reset the device. I've had to do this a couple of times myself

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