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Samsung Settings ( for Samsung Laptop Chronos NP700Z5C

(Topic created: 05-20-2023 09:57 AM)

My HDD died for my old laptop, so I replace it with a new SSD and installed brand new OS. I tried installing Easy Settings downloaded from the support page for fn keys to work, but Windows wouldn't let me. After some research, apparently Easy Settings had been replaced by Samsung Settings to work on Windows 10. To install it, one has to use the Samsung Update app from Windows Store. However, the server seems to be down as I couldn't connect at all using multiple different PCs (stuck in the loading screen). I tried few other ways to get the installation file for Samsung Settings (downloading from SW Update software and searching for the file online), but nothing worked.


Can someone please share a copy of Samsung Settings ( or the latest version setup file? Thank you very much.

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It's worthy to note that Realtek and Intel RST drivers HAVE to be that exact SAME VERSION or else the hardware conflicts with windows and one CPU thread will always be at 100% slowing the overall performance of the system.

Once installed Realtek and RST, if windows didn't automatically install your video drivers, get them installed too, both Nvidia and Intel.

Now before the installation of ExpressCache, Battery Life Extender and Settings you have to modify some windows registry settings or else Windows pops warning messages with the legend "It's risky, we are protecting you from a program from unknown source" or something among those lines. Don't be alarmed by this, is normal when trying to install ancient software that has not a signature, certification or other requisite up to date.

To bypass this, press the "windows key" & "R" at the SAME time and a search bar will pop at the bottom left of the screen and type "gpedit.msc"  and press "Enter". 

Now click on "Windows Settings", "Security Settings", "Local Policies", "Security Options" and look for "User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account" click on that and mark "Disable", click "Apply" and "Ok". Reboot the machine.

And now install ExpressCache and BatterLifeExtender first, reboot if necessary and now you can finally install Settings!

Cheers from Argentina.