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Whatsapp not letting me log in

(Topic created: 10-02-2023 06:41 AM)
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I recently updated to UI 5.1.1 currently on android 13 and now I'm not able get whatsapp to load on my Samsung Z Fold 2 5G model SM-F916U1. When I start the register phone number step it sends me a code which it enters automatically and then get an error prompt saying something went wrong please try again later. I've already erased cache and data and also uninstalled and restarted the phone I also have hard reset my device to factory settings without adding my backup data and it still gives the same error. 

This new update has totally messed up many Z Fold 2 and 3 same with z flip 3 devices to have all similar issues causing them to run with too many bugs hindering functions such as bluetooth and google cast and now whatsapp which I'm totally dependent on as a communication source for work. The question is what solutions if any are available from what I have already done will work and if there are no solutions when will a new firmware update launch to correct all these issues?
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Send a bug report to the Whatsapp developers android@support.whatsapp.com
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