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Galaxy Buds2 Pro Initial Impressions

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Hey everyone, I hope you are well.


I wanted to share my initial thoughts and opinion on the all new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. I was fortunate enough to participate and attend in person at Samsung's 2022 Unpacked event in NYC. While there, I got hands on with the new devices and wearables and was blessed with my very own pair of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro before retail release.



Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

After spending nearly a week with the new buds, I thought it was time to share my honest and initial impression and review, feedback, etc...


To start, the Buds2 Pro will go on sale on August 26th, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here: https://howl.me/chS1FBkxAjZ

Some general specs on the Buds2 Pro:

  • Ultimate 24bit Hi-Fi sound with 2-way speakers
  • Improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Way more comfortable fit (Thanks Samsung!!!)
  • 5-18hrs of use per charge
  • New Neck stretch reminders
  • New 360 Audio Head tracking feature (This is nice!!!)


After unboxing the device, my initial thoughts on the casing is that it's great. It keeps the same shape of casing as the Buds Live, Buds Pro and the Buds2. I really like that they have the same case shape so this makes it way better in terms of cases and accessories for the Buds2 Pro. As for the case itself, it has a soft matte finish, softer than the finish of previous Buds that had a matte casing.


Taking a look at the Buds2 Pro themselves, they look great. The design is very familiar yet so refreshing. And once they're in your ears, they not only feel great but they also stay in with no hassle! On some of my previous sets of buds such as the Buds Pro, it was a struggle to keep them in and having to keep adjusting them to stay in. The new Buds2 Pro overcame all that and passed my headshake, workout and chew test (not chewing the buds but chewing some food or gum lol).


After spending a few hours of listening to music and watching some movies, I was in awe of how much better these buds were over any other that I've used before! What hasn't been mentioned is the improved bass and that combined with the 24 bit audio support has brought a premium experience you won't find anywhere else until Samsung raises the bar yet again.


The new Buds2 Pro also brought some new features such as Neck stretch reminders and 360 audio Head tracking.

1. The Neck stretch reminders feature is pretty useful and is exactly for what it is named after, a reminder to stretch your neck. Samsung has recognized that in most cases, users are looking down at their devices while listening to music or watching a video or playing games. Often, you could end up a bit sore from looking down for so long. The neck stretch reminders play well in keeping you alert of your ergo game. I got to test this out recently on a 6 hour flight. I was halfway through a movie and got a reminder to stretch my neck a few times and it even displayed a short animation with a useful stretch to try. Doing so a few times definitely helped me out.

2. The other new feature I mentioned above, 360 Audio Head tracking is amazing. As I mentioned above, I was on a 6 hour flight and had my Buds2 Pro in my ears. While watching a movie that has some serious sound mixing (Tenant for those that are curious), when I looked in another direction other than my Tab S8+, the audio tracked with my head movements as well. This kind of caught me by surprise at first and is definitely mind blowing! I absolutely love this feature.


Overall, I think the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the best ear buds in the game. You get the best audio, fit and feature packed ear buds that you can get your hands on. I'd highly recommend these and look forward to hearing the experiences of those who get them.

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I am completely sold on these...had 5 people come into shared space and they were joking and having a grand ole time...I took these out and enabled noise canceling and couldn't hear a single giggle...
Cosmic Ray
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Every since I've got my buds 2 pro these are the best sound quality buds I've owned by Samsung I keep them in my ear until it's time to charge them again thanks again Samsung :fire: 
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I second that attestation. The wired AKG earbuds from the GalaxyNote9 I had was quite the extraordinary sound experience as well. The earbuds provide exceptional quality, which they should.
I was disappointed in the new phone i got when attempting to upgrade because there is NO external port for wired earbuds. I listen to music or podcasts when going to sleep - it helps keep the cerebral noise quieted.
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"Cerebral noise"...I like that description.