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Chrome keeps telling me my phone needs cleaned and to download a cleaning app?

(Topic created: 06-21-2022 03:53 PM)
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I have a note 9 Samsung everytime I do anything apps start piling on I cant dial a # cant text I cant get on an important call or enter an important number without these darn apps interrupting & piling on top of each other😡, I  did take it in to the US CELL shop all he did is close each app now that I realize that I'm at my wits end with this.

Also I was told by them that no need to put any anti virus or anything similar cuz its already on my phone chrome keeps telling me my phone needs cleaned to download a cleaning app WHAT THE HECK ! Now I'm totally confused. Anyone please I dont know what to do ?
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@userxiJMhhdGVk "chrome keeps telling me my phone needs cleaned to download a cleaning app"

This is a false message which a malicious site is popping up to get you to click a link and download malware or engage with a hacker team which will take your money and/or infect your phone. 

If you boot into safe mode, I'm guessing all of your pop ups go away while booted in safe mode

I suggest that you download and install Malwarebytes free or Bitdefender  from the Play store. These will let you know if you have malware or malicious software installed. 

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what longhiker said... chrome doesn't push you to get an anti-virus app/program those are malwares tricking you to think it's chrome showing that message. 

follow longhiker's suggested steps.