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Galaxy Note Phones

In one of the recent updates on my Galaxy Note 10+5G phone they removed the Data On/Off quick toggle button from the pull down notification window up top that has the toggles for pretty much everything i.e. wifi, BT etc & I rely heavily on it to restablish a crappy network connection which happens to b most times cuz it's where I reside currently rt on the edge of the county line so the boonies but I'm not sure who I ask about getting it put back on here or if that's even gonna happen cuz I'm just one person among millions I'm sure but I can't be the only person upset about this cuz anyone with poor coverage should b using it heavily several times a day to refresh their connection to their cellular tower thruout the day & that's the only way to accomplish this without adding about 5 to 7 addl steps to the process which one of them changing windows on whatever ur currently doing or working on is not ideal or even an option sometimes. Anyone know if that's Android or Samsung cuz my older S8+ had same problem so it might be Android not sure....help is appreciated driving me nuts! Lol

Someone from Samsung Tech Support did try to locate it or fix it by connecting remotely for several hrs never did fix or find the setting to enable it in that menu so ur help is VERY appreciated if it's a quick fix or who I could ask to enable it back in a future update maybe. L8tr folks! 
P.S. This Note10 Plus 5g in the silvery rainbow irradesescent color specifically is the BOMB!! ITS SO GORGEOUS THIS DANG PHONE IM AFRAID TO DROP IT BUT what on earth were u thinking on the entire glass casing I had my S8+ about an hour before I dropped broke the back glass so I'm not even sure I wanna take this new one out for a spin goodness can't we get a bit more rugged use casings on these they're wayyyyy 2 fragile for normal use IMHO. But gorgeous nonetheless just really nice great job for that and color choices!


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Galaxy Note Phones
It's Mobile Data nowadays
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Galaxy Note Phones

Good news you can re add the toggle. Like mine you can go and edit the buttons. Should be somewhere in the task bar settings. Or the plus icon in the "toggles button area"Screenshot_20221101_153225_Samsung Members.pngScreenshot_20221101_153235_Samsung Members.pngScreenshot_20221101_153858_One UI Home.png