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Bring back 180° portrait (upside down) mode

(Topic created: 02-28-2024 10:38 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

An update to OneUI removed my phones natural ability to be upside down in portrait mode.
Being upside down in portrait mode helps a lot when i need to charge my device.

I'm using a 3rd party app to get by, but I don't understand why this function was removed to begin with. It was always optional and removing it just makes the phone less useful.

I've left feedback about this before and gotten the generic "thanks! we'll totally pass this information off to the developers! they love pleasing the users!" but nothing ever came of it.

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Galaxy S Phones

Same problem! I have got a waterproof bag for bicycle where I have to place phone upside down to use with powerbank. When connector from the top it isn't stressed by weight of phone and vibrations during the ride.

And when I run 3rd party app with the map service it works perfectly turning display upside down. But if I minimize the app to run something else from the home screen, the desktop reverts to default position!

And there is more! Right after app's been minimized I see the desktop turned upside down but it reverts to default in a second! So it could work upside down, but samsung decides they know what is better for me as a user and declined such display mode... (facepalm)