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Green Line Issue with S20+

(Topic created: 08-07-2022 11:19 AM)
Syleo Lee
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This is my email to CEO, I am sure he will not read, but I am just so disappointed by Samsung this time.

I am a Samsung Fans in Hong Kong, My family have been supporting Samsung for years, we have 2 Samsung Smart TV 55' and 45', and we started supporting from Galaxy Ace, and all these years, we bought three S6, one S7, one Note 9, one S20 and one S22

I have today encounter problem of Green Line on my S20+ Screen, and I have learnt that it is a common problem which lots of S20 series users are facing. It is really disappointing in seeing no action from Samsung where such issue arises since April this year, except Samsung Vietnam

All of my samsung products last more that 3 years, mainly due to battery problem or out-of-dated hardware, where the S20+, I bought it for just 1.5 year which is quite a disappointing short lifespan for a flagship phone.
I swear that my phone is in really good condition, and is used with extra care, I assure you that there is no damage to the phone and I do not mind going to samsung centre for verification

If that is the intrinsic problem of S20 series, or if the problem comes along with the Operating System update as rumoured, and as Vietnam Samsung has admitted the problem and promised for a one-off replacement of the screen, Will Samsung take up the responsibility to take steps in free replacement of the display monitors, and in my Case, Samsung Hong Kong.



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Call the service center. They've been replacing some screens.
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Community Manager
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I am very sorry to hear of your S20+ having a green line on the screen, and can understand the concern and frustration. It is recommended you contact Samsung Support in Hong Kong to get this situation rectified, as this forum is for US-based Samsung products and users. Please use this link to see your service options in your country: https://www.samsung.com/hk_en/support/service-center/

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you, and hope this helps!