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Incall volume Issue

(Topic created: 03-20-2020 01:53 PM)
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I am using s20 ultra and everytime after i endup my call and open any media app tolisten to something only call speaker works , It still shows in call volume. the main speaker doesn't work

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy S Phones

Do you open the media apps immediately after ending the call?

-If yes, I would recommend waiting a few mins and opening the media app to see if you still experience these symptoms.


If your phone is misbehaving, it's possible that a third-party app is causing the issue. To figure out what app is acting funny, you can use the Safe Mode feature. In Safe Mode, your phone won't run any third-party apps. This allows you to easily identify and remove the app that may be causing the problem.


Use this link to test your device in safe mode: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00062983/


Have you tried wiping the cache partition on your device?

- Give these steps a try for wiping the cache partition on your device:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby / Power key.
  3. When the Android logo displays, release both keys.
  4. An 'Installing system update' message may show briefly before the Android Recovery menu options appear.
  5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight Wipe cache partition.
  6. Press Bixby / Power key to select.
  7. Press the Volume down key to highlight Yes, then press the Bixby / Power key to select.
  8. When the process is complete, Reboot system now is highlighted.
  9. Press the Bixby / Power key to restart the device.

Do you experience these symptoms if you use stock music apps such as Samsung Music or third-party media apps?

- If stock media apps, I would recommend testing your device with a third-party app

-If third-party apps, I would recommend testing your device with a stock media app


If you still continue to experience these symptoms, I would recommend taking your device to your local UbreakIfix so they can get a hands-on look at your device.

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Galaxy S Phones

I had the same issues after having a meeting using 'Teams'. Even though I left the meeting, the app was still running. After I hung up the call from the Teams app, it was all fine.