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UHD60 video recorded at 59fps

(Topic created: 05-01-2024 09:06 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Sometimes when I shoot video with my S20 and S20+ phones without any change in settings and resolution of UHD60 selected, there are some clips that record as 59fps for some reason. It is almost random and I haven't been able to figure out why. 

The issue is playing these clips on my Blu-Ray player where the details show the clip as 4Kp instead of 4K/60p. Now the technicalities don't matter as much as the fact that the 59fps plays at a much less frame rate than even 59fps visibly, on the TV although it plays fine on the phone.

Also seeking frame by frame, I can tell heavy loss of frame rate with these 59fps recordings. 

Anybody know how I can just lock the frame rate at 60fps, no matter what while shooting videos? 

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