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S10 Battery Drain | Poor Battery Life | Less than 4 hours screen on time.

Dear @Samsung 


I have been using S10 devise from the past 4 months and observing the battery drain every day. I never saw more than 4 hours screen on time on normal usage for a fully charged devise, forget about Youtube or playing games. I did everything listed below to improve efficiency. But every time it proves me wrong, I doubt maybe i made a mistake in choosing S10. 

  • Check for Apps Using Too Much Battery.
  • Put all your apps to sleep.
  • Reboot Your Galaxy S10 To Improve Battery Life.
  • Disable the Always-On Display (or lift to wake).
  • Use a Black Wallpaper and Night mode.
  • Use lower resolution.
  • Turn Off Features You Don’t Need/Use.
  • Watch WiFi, GPS & Bluetooth Settings.
  • Watch Your Screen Brightness & Sleep Timer.
  • Use Battery Saver or Power Saving Mode


Why a customer should sacrifice all the benefits after investing on such a premium product. At last please convince me that, you have not sold me a defective product.

Hope Samsung answers my query.  @SamsungRei 


Re: S10 Battery Drain | Poor Battery Life | Less than 4 hours screen on time.

Me too my s10e 3 hrs max for full screen time and only 9 months old and low from the start. I also am disappointed with battery and poor reception quality 😢