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Adding Sounds to Sound Picker

(Topic created: 03-06-2021 10:18 AM)
Galaxy S21

My original thread on this question is closed, so here is my part 2.

How do I add sounds to this app?  I have a ringtone I created from music my father recorded many years ago, so I can't buy the sound anywhere.

In order to continue using it as my notification sound for Verizon Message+ I have to add it to Sound Picker.  If I try to use this ringtone using Ringo, it makes it the defaut notification for everything.  

The only way I can get a separate Verizon Message+ ringtone is by using Sound Picker.  Right now I'm using something from their list but I would like to use my own.

I can't find Sound Picker in the apps or the Galaxy store.  I've googled everything I can about Sound Picker and nothing for the S21 Ultra.  Just stuff for older Galaxy models where those instructions don't work for the S21.

Help a long time Motolora user out here.  Thanks.

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

I found the answer on another thread.

I needed to move the notification sound to the correct folder in internal storage so that Sound Picker would pick it up as a choice.