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Battery & Heating Issue

(Topic created: 05-17-2023 12:19 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S22
My phone has been heating up really soon and the battery is draining fast as well. The temperature goes upto 40. And I do not game, use the phone while charging or anything .
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Galaxy S22

Hey, Sakib; Thank you for sharing this concern with us. I can certainly understand why you would be troubled about your device heating up during normal use. And as you stated, the temperature can directly affect battery usage. I was able to locate some tips that may help your phone from getting too warm. Check out the link here: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00076952/.
If your device is using the 5G network, This also could be draining your battery faster than normal. At this time, the 5G networks are only used for data connections and are not yet capable of carrying phone calls and messages. Your phone will need to maintain a connection to the 3G or LTE network in addition to the 5G network so that phone calls, text messages, and data will be delivered consistently.

Because your phone is connected to multiple networks simultaneously, the battery will drain faster than one would typically expect, and the phone may get warmer than when solely on 3G or LTE. To make up for this, you can try using features that will optimize and improve your phone's overall performance. 
If your phone is not using 5G. I have a guide on extending your battery usage. I've personally used this guide to help with my phone. So I'm hopeful it will help you with your device as well. Check out the link below:
For further assistance with your concern. You can always send one of the moderators a personal message. This way, we can look further into your matter. Thank you for being a valued member of the Samsung Community.