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Galaxy S22

BACKSTORY- The JULY SOFTWARE UPDATE  UP MY S22 ULTRA and would not connect to network no matter what Verizon tried.  Then the phone got so HOT trying to connect and was killing the battery that the screen blacked out and would not come back on.  I had to request a replacement phone from my USAA PROTECT CELL insurance- and well-- this one is Not a VERIZON network phone but an unlocked S22 ultra that VERIZON will not assist on now.  Gee thanks....  So my old phone was not properly backed up because Verizon could not see the screen and I have a new phone that I can not locate where the DEFAULT APP SELECTION FOR PHOTOS is located.

Why the heck can I not set GOOGLE PHOTOS as my default gallery anymore?  Now whenever an app like FB or IG wants to access photos- my S22 ULTRA goes to the stupid GALLERY app and not Google Photos anymore.  I have tried to reset the SETTINGS/APPS/GOOGLE PHOTOS/APP INFO/SET AS DEFAULT/CLEAR DEFAULTS and SETTINGS/APPS/GALLERY/APP INFO/SET AS DEFAULT/CLEAR DEFAULTS to allow me to take a picture and then go to view it in on the camera screen in the lower left circle- and it comes up as GALLERY with now only 1 or 2 pictures.  Videos and Directions I have reviewed on this question always say that under SETTINGS/APPS/ 3 DOTS--- I SHOULD have the option to see DEFAULT APPS and then select IMAGES and select GOOGLE PHOTOS.  Well all I have when I hit SETTINGS/APPS/3 DOTS --- 1/ PERMISSION MANAGER 2/SPECIAL ACCESS or 3/RESET APP PREFRENCES.  None of which will allow me to select GOOGLE PHOTOS as the default gallery.   It will not allow me to select which gallery app to view from and select ONCE or ALWAYS.  It now automatically goes to gallery to open a picture.  I can't go and view my GOOGLE PHOTOS in other apps like FB or IG.  Only the stupid Gallery.  

Every video and directions to select default apps will not clear the default apps to allow me to then have to choose which gallery to view pictures with as ONCE or ALWAYS.  How can I fix this?  

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Galaxy S22
I'm not totally sure you can set Google Photos as the default but you can try this. Go to your settings and go to apps or press and hold the Samsung Gallery app icon and select app info → select Set Defaults → select Clear Defaults. Next time you get a prompt, the system should ask you what you want to use if it works. For videos, you'd do the same by searching for the Video Player app in the Settings. Hopefully that helps.

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