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Modes and routines issues. Doesn't change as per conditions

(Topic created: 07-20-2023 01:57 PM)
Galaxy S23

Apologies if this has been already discussed. Tried to find a related topic. I created 4 modes which should activate based on some basic conditions.

At work, should be active as long as I am connected to the company wifi.
At home when it's connected to my home wifi.
On the move when it's not connected to any wifi. 
Sleep mode from 10pm to 5am.

It all worked fine until a recent update. Now the phone (Galaxy s23+) does not change modes when the conditions change. If I leave from home or from work and not connected to any wifi, the phone stays in the last mode, unless I change the mode manually. It works fine on my Galaxy Tab s6 Lite, but not on my phone.

I tried turning the phone on and off several times, did not help.

Any idea what else could I do? Can I do anything at all?

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

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Community Manager
Galaxy S23


It looks like this issue has been resolved by a software update! If you are having these symptoms appearing, or need further assistance with this matter. Please reach out to a moderator directly to discuss this.


Hello, Peter

Thank you so much for posting this. Samsung is looking into this situation further and would like to gather additional details and logs from the device to determine why this could be occurring. We would ask that anyone experiencing these symptoms submit an error report. In the details include the following hashtag:  #SCommunity


Also, we ask that you please make sure that when you submit the error report that the issue is presenting itself at the time of reporting.

Thank you so much for bearing with us, and make sure to keep your devices up to date with the latest software!


Steps for Submitting an error report:

1. Open the Menu

2. Press & Hold Samsung Members Icon, Then Tap Error Reports

3. Select the Category of Your Report

4. Make Sure That "Send System Log Data" is Selected to Help Resolve Your Questions Quickly and Describe Your Problem in Details (Make sure to include the hashtag #SCommunity)

5. Change the Frequency, and send.


Note: We are marking this response as the accepted solution to float it to the top of this topic. The thread will remain open for communications.

Galaxy S23

1. Sleep Mode should auto turn off when alarm is dismissed. This feels like a pretty standard use case.

2. Routines should work with modes. Specifically, Routines should allow the turning on or off of chosen Modes. This also seems pretty important, at least to me. Currently, you can only activate a routine with a mode. But if Routines have more available conditions, you should be able to activate a mode with a routine.

3. Modes should work well with each other or ability to set priority modes or layered, i.e. a mode scheduled to be on all the time, every day should auto turn on/off around other mode schedules. If the whole point is automation, then I'd expect my custom constant mode to be auto turned back on between other modes.

4. The documentation for mode/routine priorities should be made clear & easily accessible from the phone. If a mode is turned on, does it auto turn off the current running mode indefinitely? (Yes). Will the other resume after that mode schedule ends or is turned off? (No). Like, is this the intended behavior, or is it a bug? Do routines work similarly with each other? Do they auto turn off modes? If your Do Not Disturb is on by itself, not through a mode, is it kept on after the mode/routine ends?

My Phone: Galaxy S20

My Use Case: These days, people are becoming more aware of the detriments of social media and smart phone notification distractions. I prefer to have a certain mode on all day every day where my "Do Not Disturb" settings only allows either my contacts or my favorites to reach me, so that I'm not inundated with a bunch of spam calls all day. This is how I was using "Do Not Disturb" previously. But at night and at work, I want the customization of the "Do Not Disturb" to only allow calls that come in more than once in a 15 minute period. That way, I can always be contacted in case of emergency. I rarely change my Sound settings to silent because I cannot be reached at all. So, I figured I'd use the Modes which have cutomizable "Do Not Disturb"s.

Currently, I can only customize the "Do Not Disturb" settings with Modes, and not Routines. But I can only use Routines to turn off "Do Not Disturb" when I dismiss my morning alarm, at which time it just turns off the "Do Not Disturb" entirely rather than changing it's settings. Then I have to automatically turn on my everyday mode because the schedule for it (every day all day) doesn't work (assuming because I have my sleep routine running during midnight when it's supposed to be activated?). 

Further, if I'm going to have to activate modes manually, they should have their individual buttons available in the notification quick panel (there used to be a focus mode). But now, I have to hold down the modes button, scroll to my custom mode (because there's no ability to rearrange them), then click on it and click on or off. But I'd prefer not to do it manually because I'll have to remember to click buttons all day long.

I posted this in the Samsung Canada, but meant to post from the U.S. so reposting here.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galaxy S23

 Hey Peter, just following up to see if you're still having these issues after the updates we've released?