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Audio output over HDMI stops when using phone mic

(Topic created: 05-12-2024 08:03 AM)
Galaxy S24

Hello everyone, has anyone encountered this issue while streaming a game from their Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? I am attempting to stream a game using my phone via the Samsung HDMI Adapter and Elgato HD60x Capture Card. 


The HDMI Adapter takes the audio and video from my phone to the capture card and the capture card mirrors this into OBS Software. I'm connecting my headset to the Laptop to get audio that has been captured from the game.


All is working fine except that when I turn my in-game mic on to communicate with my teammates, the audio stops playing through the headset or stops being captured by OBS completely and instead plays through my phone speakers. It seems as if the audio output reverts to the phone speakers when the mic is in use.


I'm not sure if there is a setting I need change or maybe I'm using the wrong Adapter?? Really confused here and rather disappointed, too. I was going to make a purchase of the iPhone 15 pro max but opted to stay loyal to android. Apple devices do not have this issue, as many streamers use their in game mic and it does not stop the audio output over hdmi.


Need help!!

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Galaxy S24

Hi! I was working on this solve all day yesterday, and I think I may have the solution. 

1. Make sure your phone is updated. 

2. In your settings, follow this path: Sounds and Vibration> Sound Quality and Affects>Adapt Sound>Toggle On

If it doesn't show up right away, try it without the phone being plugged into your capture card. Hope this helps someone!