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Bogus Galaxy watch 3 Titanium advertising

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 12:53 PM)
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My galaxy watch3 titanium was less than a month old. Set the water lock feature, lowered myself into the community swimming pool (4ft deep) and was in for maybe 20 minutes. The watch shut off and then would never recharge. Sent it in under warranty, received a response with a $198 repair bill. Called the warranty department and they said it's out of warranty because of liquid damage condition. I have been on the phone with 4 different people to include a "supervisor" and the technical department because I refuse to pay 2/3 of the price to repair when the watch is in mint condition and it is due to a flaw in their design. All of my devices are Samsung products which this is now changing that because of their false advertisement. BUYER BEWARE! I told them to send me the watch back and I will have a 3rd party investigate the damage, but as great as experience I have had with all other devices, I am moving away from all Samsung devices moving forward. Customer service could've easily looked at account history and made this right,  but they completely failed.

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Stephanie Nikki
Black Hole
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Though we cannot speculate how the damage occurred, our product support team is who determines if this type of damage is consistent with that of physical/liquid damage. Under the Samsung limited warranty; physical and liquid damages are not covered for repairs, even on all of our water resistant devices. Due to the limitations of the manufacturer's warranty we are unable to to change this decision once it has been made. I sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this may cause. 

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