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Brand new Galaxy 4 Classic will not update!

(Topic created: 12-20-2021 07:46 AM)
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Received a brand new Galaxy 4 Classic. Connected to Phone AOK, managed to add some new watch faces. Managed to navigate interface well enough...

Wanted it ready in time to show off for Christmas... and discover it is IMPOSSIBLE to UPDATE!

Tried dozens of times now. Did "Reboot" thing, then tried initiating UPDATE, and it just appears to hang\

at "Copying Update...." for hours and hours!

Have a few photographs of Watch 4 showing a Blue Progress Bar up to about 98%,

then it went into "Copying to Watch"; WHY SHOW A PROGRESS BAR ON WATCH, if that data is not

actually going INTO the WATCH 4?!?

What is the trick to getting that update to succeed?

BT and WiFi are naturally enabled on the Watch 4...

Battery life with both WiFi and BT enabled seems shockingly low... Even tried "Greyscale" display mode.

Any help appreciated thanks. We're also on Discord if theres any live Samsung Galaxy Watch support there.

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Community Manager
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Hello, I understand how frustrating it is when the watch will not update. Have you tried doing a complete factory reset? https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00084702/ I also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Wearables app. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00078952/ Once you have reset the watch and uninstalled the app, then reconnect the watch to the phone and try the update again. If the update will still not install, it is recommended to have the watch serviced to have the software updated. For service options, please reach out to us via one of the following options with the model code and the serial number or IMEI number of the watch: 1. Facebook Messenger: http://m.me/samsungsupport 2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id=18768513- 3. Private Message: http://bit.ly/2XERsky If the PM link is not working for you, you can click on my name and send me a private message directly from my profile.

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