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Galaxy Watch 4 , bubble jets and hot Tub

(Topic created: 08-21-2022 07:06 AM)
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I am purchasing a new galaxy watch 4 and know that it is waterproof for swimming, showering etc..  Will it work or break in a swimming pool where you can lay on bubble jets or in a hot tub where there are also bubble jets.  I have looked at the internet and found different viewpoints on this and wanted to know what Samsungs official view is.

One of the reasons I am asking is because I originally had a Samsung Galaxy watch active, which I wore in the pool for swimming and also wore it while I was on some water bubble jets in the pool and again in the hot tub for 10-15 mins believing that the watch would withstand this.  The screen of the watch went black and it would not work. On placing it on the charger I noticed that the glue around the charging area had perished.  I'm not sure if this was just a one off fault with this  watch or if it had been incorrectly used by taking it close to water jets and into the hot tub, 

I know there are some numbers regarding durability and water depths for the resistance in the specs but it would be good to know what these actually mean in real life terms.  ie Can you use on water jets in a pool and in a hot tub or not.  I noticed in the tub there were others using  smart wathches in there with no apparant issue

Any advice would be appreciated so not to damage my new watch when it arrives


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@usert2jGvCMK75 The water resistant ratings of the watch specify still water. I would not recommend putting the watch in bubble jets. The aggressive nature of the jets can erode or bypass the seals on the watch.