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Galaxy watches won't complete setup with phone

(Topic created: 12-13-2022 06:50 PM)
Galaxy Watch
Help, please!!! 

Watches (both 4 Classic and 5 Pro) will not finish setup with Wearable app. Setup starts with the watch and phone finding each other and matching numbers, gets through permissions, gets to "Getting your watch ready. This may take a few minutes..." with percentage progress wheel, then freezes somewhere between 80-90%. After staying frozen for 5-10minutes, pop-up message appears that the connection could not be completed, and to try again. Watch displays message to reset it and try again, showing a "reset" button as the only option. 

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Wearable app (both from Samsung store and Google store). I have cleared data and cache for the app. I have made sure all permissions are enabled for Google Play Services and all Wearable and related apps. I have restarted my phone. I have tried data, wifi, and both together. I have restarted, reset, and rebooted the Watches. 
Phone being used is Note 20 Ultra, running on Android 12 (no 13 available yet). All apps are fully updated. 
Buds and Buds 2 will still connect to Wearable with no problem, only the Watches won't connect. 
The problem was originally only with the Watch 5 Pro, because I was upgrading, but once I disconnected the Watch 4 Classic to see if that helped the 5 problem, it made me reset it, and now it will not connect, either. I spoke with Tech Support on the phone yesterday, regarding only the 5 (I hadn't realized the 4 was a problem yet), and they decided that the Watch was faulty, and I should replace it. I did, and this is the second 5 Pro that won't connect. That, plus the 4 Classic not connecting, makes me think it is a problem with the app or my phone, but I don't know what or how. 
Can anyone think of anything else for me to try? Thank you in advance!! 


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Galaxy Watch
I have already done this & it did not work. Thanks.I also want to add that two T-Mobile staff also tried to help me set up this watch & they were not successful either.