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Repaired but still the same

(Topic created: 11-15-2021 10:08 AM)
Galaxy Watch
After posting on here about my spouse and the GW4LTE version constantly overheating and draining the battery, I was told to send it for repair.  We have it back a week now and it still has the same issues. Overheating and shutting down within 30 minutes of it being worn. To say that we are disappointed is an understatement as it costs us both the monthly LTE charge plus the cost of a device that does not deliver.
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Community Manager
Galaxy Watch

Hello, I am sorry to hear that the watch is continuing to overheat and the battery drain. I know how disappointing this is. Repairs are warrantied for 30 days, and the watch is still covered under warranty. It would be recommended to return the watch to the service center and have them correct the repairs. If you would like to proceed, please follow up in the private messages and I will be happy to assist you. http://bit.ly/2XERsky If the PM link is not working for you, you can click on my name and send me a private message directly from my profile.

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