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Some simple questions before i buy

(Topic created: 04-09-2022 03:04 PM)
Galaxy Watch

All the tech review channels pretty much focus on the health tracking, methods of input, and features of the watch 4, which are important but I want to know what it can do for me in a few key areas.

  1. Control music- I do have Spotify, but only use for podcasts and parties, I'm one of the very few who use apple music and I doubt there's an app for it on the watch but I've heard of a basic media control for when any audio is playing through the phone, is this true or is there another method?

  2. does it have NFC (Google/Samsung) pay?

  3. are the maps responsive? ill be getting a non LTE model, no documentation of GPS so I assume not

  4. does it have haptics?

  5. can i check my fifth third accounts with it?

  6. can i upload photos of say my school schedule to it?

  7. What is the max charging wattage?

Answers and feedback to any of these would be greatly appreciated


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Galaxy Watch

Well, Yes. The Watch 4 has many features that many people love!

1. To control music, It is awesome for a controller for your handset! It supports any music platform. If you buy the LTE version, You can even listen to Spotify without your phone!

2. Totally! It supports Google pay and Samsung pay! Works perfectly!!

3. Maps won't work if you don't have your phone with you, But maps is pretty responsive with your device with you, But it won't work if you forgot it at home and you need a GPS device.

4. Yes! The Watch 4 has haptics! Smooth and gentle feeling vibration, Not harsh and hand killing.

5. I really don't understand that...

6. No, The watch 4 does not have a camera. What you can do is upload pictures from your phone to your Watch, it is not possible to upload pictures from your Watch to your phone.

7. 5 watts.

I love using my Watch 4, It was awesome features and works perfectly, I would really recommend it!

I hope this helps you, For any questions, Please comment below!
Galaxy Watch
You hit this post spot on.