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Brand new Samsung glass top stove all scratched after 2 weeks of use

(Topic created: 02-13-2024 03:07 PM)
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We have had our Samsung glass stop stove for about 2 weeks and have cooked on the top maybe 5 times. We are using stainless pans and pots and are extremely careful to not slide them around and keep the bottom free of debris. And we are leaving nothing on top while it's not in use. 

After cooking 4 or 5 times there are now major scuffs and scratches that will not clear up with washing. I bought Weiman Ceramic & Glass Daily Cooktop Cleaner and it still looks terrible for 2 weeks old.

Is this normal for a glass top stove? My wife wants nothing to do with it if it's going to scratch this easily. She normally cooks large meals every day but has given up after this.

It was bought from Home Depot so, of course, there is only a 48 hour return period. 

She is ready to give it away, take the $800+ loss and buy a whole new coil-top stove.

Any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated! 



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Unfortunately, when it comes to glass non-induction cooktops, they scratch extremely easily. However, looking at the photos, I'm quite sure that those aren't deep scratches. The trick is using a razor. You do not have to worry about scratching with a razor, as it's glass. What you want to do is scrape it off with the razor side flat on the glass, using some ceramic cleaner for stovetops first. This helps a lot of the times. They are not scratches but small pieces of the bottoms of your pan; it's almost like residue, however, it looks like scuffs. Definitely try the razor. If the razor doesn't get it off, unfortunately, it's permanent. However, you should be able to get almost all of it off. I hope this helps. Good luck!
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Hello! Thank you for reaching out! Scratches can happen depending on the type of cookware, and the way you cook when you are cooking if you rub the bottom of the pan across the cook top this can and will happen. I would recommend looking at this cleaning guide using the link below.