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In-wall oven - multiple repairs for C-A2 error

(Topic created: 03-21-2023 06:41 AM)
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We purchased an in-wall oven/microwave combo in Oct 2018.

Model NQ70M7770DS

Thankfully we also purchases a 5 yr extendend warranty with it.

We have had to get the unit repaired 3 times for far.

Last night it threw error code C-A2, and stopped all functions.  Microwave and oven no longer work.

This unit is defective.  How do we get a new replacement?   Four breakdowns in 4 years is unreasonable for an oven at this price.

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Community Manager
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Hi there, I can certainly understand your frustration with this. If you would like, you always have the option to reach out to any of the moderators here in a private message. We would be happy to review your case and provide any additional information or updates, as well as look for any alternative options that may be available. Just be sure to include your model and serial numbers, and any ticket numbers you have received, in your private message to help us assist you quicker.