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Model RF29BB820012AA - Want to switch from "Autofill Water Pitcher door" to "Beverage Center door"

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We recently ordered and received our new Samsung Bespoke 29 cu. ft. 4-door french door smart refrigerator from Home Depot.  In the process of ordering through Home Depot's website, the option for the "Beverage Center" was somehow dropped from our order before it was finalized.  I then accepted the order from Home Depot without verifying it had the "Beverage Center", so now Home Depot will not help us.

We really want the beverage center.  Is it possible to order the "Beverage Center" door as a replacement part?  Or is the unit programmed differently for the added function of the beverage center?  I've already had to remove and replace the current door to fit it into our space, so the process for replacement is not a concern.  If additional parts are required to complete this conversion, I am willing and able to do what is needed.  

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.





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Hi there! Thanks so much for asking about this. While we don't typically provide assistance with replacing parts on our appliances, you do have a couple options here. First, you can check with our parts department to see if there is a compatible beverage center door for your model refrigerator. You can do this through their website, SamsungParts.com, or by calling 1-800-627-4368. Alternatively, depending on how recently you purchased the refrigerator, you can check with your retailer about a possible exchange of the refrigerator for the model you actually wanted.