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Vapor leaks from bottom of door from ME21B706B12/AA Bespoke Microwave

(Topic created: 09-17-2023 01:08 PM)
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Hello.  After failing to Message or enter Chat with Samsung Service, I am seeking an authorized advisory here from the community.

I own a ME21B706B12/AA Bespoke unit, purchased new in mid-August 2023.

Whenever I cook food with moisture content, the vapor leaves the door at bottom, rises, and condenses on the glass exterior.  I'm not concerned about the vapor but of the leakage of microwave energy from an improperly sealed or defective door.  I have not, as yet, used a microwave detection device to determine as it seems only reasonable that vapors alone may need to exit the microwave chamber (although that provision seems more likely from the upper areas than a lower one).

Please advise if you are certain of your answer, or a Trained, Authorized  Samsung employee.  I will rely on a quality response.  If not a normal operating condition, if there is a practical solution I can implement before involving service personnel I would appreciate the sharing of that information.


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This is a community of Samsung users attempting to assist other Samsung users. There are few trained authorized Samsung employees here and they appear to act only as moderators in offences of the community guidelines.

Best to hit the Support tab and call.