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Odyssey Ark Gen 2 Firmware Update Issue

(Topic created: 02-07-2024 12:11 PM)
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The Samsung website says there's a 1503.8 firmware update for the Odyssey Ark Gen 2. I tried downloading to a USB drive and doing the update manually and the monitor either won't accept it or see it. Also, there's actually two firmware images when you download it. 

After research it seems everyone else is having the same issue and not able to update to the 1503 firmware. 
However, it seems the date of the firmware is Aug 07, 2023 which is before the Gen 2 was released I believe.
Did Samsung engineering not test the firmware? Why release a firmware update the website that doesn't even work? Boggles my mind since there's many issues which need to be addressed. Many people are having flicking, black screen, or issues with HDR, Gsync, 165hz etc.
There's no excuse to have lack of support on such an expensive monitor.  We need some clarity of the issues everyone has been having and status of a firmware update.
Please address the firmware update issue!
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Hi. i also bought the ark 2023 last week. Same problem here. The firmware downloaded and unzipped on the usb stick (fat32) is found on the usb stick by the samsung Ark 2 but the response is something like, no newer firmware found. I have another samsung smart tv also released in 2023, did a firmware update a few months ago on that TV with the same USB Stick (fat32) and it worked like a charm.

I now have on the Ark 2023 version 1007 firmware (guess from the factory) pre-installed. The downloaded version is or should be version 1503.8. Or is the zip file misplaced or has it the wrong name?
I just dont get it. Its indeed from 7th of august 2023. Maybe it is just version 1007 but has it a wrong file of zip file name. Maybe  i will sent an email to samsung support.

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Hi, I contacted samsung support about this topic via their whatsapp account. They asked for the product code and the serial number. I gave them that information via whatsapp. The support said, the issue with the firmware will be addressed and a product specialist will be informed.

Since then its radio silence on the whatsapp. No response about this issue or any information from the product specialist. Such a bs story. It has been day's now but no one is responding. You pay 3000 euro for a monitor and the support is zero.