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Samsung M7B Blue Screen with Pulsing Dots

(Topic created: 03-02-2024 04:06 AM)
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I have a samsung m7b monitor. Recently it was working fine, plugged into a microsoft surface pro thru a usbc connection, and without warning the monitor showed a blue screen with three large (2 cm?) progressively pulsing white dots arranged horizontally toward the bottom center of the screen. The microsoft surface was still working fine and seemed to still think it had a connected, working monitor. We let the monitor stay this way for 5-10 minutes to see if it would clear up, but it did not. I then unplugged the usbc cable from the back of the monitor but the blue screen with three dots continued. When I did this, however, the microsoft surface clearly saw the disconnection. I then plugged the usbc cable back in, the surface acknowledged that it saw the monitor, but the monitor's display did not change. I finally unplugged the power from the monitor, waited a few seconds, and plugged it back in, and after it went through its startup sequence, everything started working normally again.

What happened?  I tried searching for references to this in the manual but did not see anything obvious there.

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