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Samsung Odyssey G5 27" Monitor Screen is falling off of frame

(Topic created: 06-26-2022 12:57 PM)
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Good Day.

I just bought a brand new Samsung Odyssey G5 27" Monitor around 6 months ago and noticed that after 3 months of use a white light was coming from the top of my monitor. I didnt mind it at first because it was little like a quarter of an inch but fast forward 6 months (present day today) its now at least 14" long, I tried to tape it back to prevent it from getting bigger but its getting bigger by the week. 

Does this happened to anybody else? Is there a way to fix it? 

Help. 😞

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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

Hello! I understand how this can be frustrating with your monitor's screen falling. Since this is occurring this is something that will require service. Please send me a private message with your full model and serial number, and the following information: 


Place of purchase:

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First and Last Name:

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Email address:


If your unit is out of warranty and you would like to receive quotes on service/labor from an Authorized Service Center near you, please visit: