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Samsung Odyssey G9 periodic static on portion of the screen

(Topic created: 02-12-2024 01:07 PM)
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At a frequency of a about once a month my monitor with suddenly start to display static on a portion of the monitor. So far it's only been on the far right 20% of the monitor. When the static is present, I can make it go away by moving certain windows over it. Any idea what causes this?

I'll attach two images showing the issue. One while in the log-in screen of windows, and the other while in a game with an auto-scrolling web browser on the sidesignal-2024-02-08-140636_002.jpegsignal-2024-02-08-140636_003.jpeg

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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

Hello! Thank you for reaching out! That occurring does seem strange. I would recommend seeing if this is occurring with any other devices such as a console etc. As you did say moving a window over it causes it to go away this could potentially be a GPU issue or driver issue with your GPU. I would recommend making sure that everything is up-to-date on the monitor and the GPU.


If this does not occur on any other source then I would recommend reaching out to Microsoft, or your GPU's manufacturer as that would be the cause of this issue.


If it still occurs on all sources then this will require service. Depending on your warranty you will have a couple of options. 


- If your device was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service processed. 
- If you're within the one year warranty, you can Private message me or one of our moderators or you can call in directly at 1-800- 726-7864 with your full model and serial number to have service setup
- If you're OUT of warranty, for depot type products (Soundbars, Home Theater Systems, tablets, ect.) that require to be shipped we recommend you speak with our depot team for pricing and to have the service set up: 1-310-669-4334.